What is Aromatherapy?

 Aromatherapy is the practice of using the natural oils extracted from flowers, trees and plants along with massage to enhance psychological and physical well-being.  The massage style is gentle and soothing yet effective on the bodies deep tissues and muscles.

 What Happens During an Aromatherapy Session?

The therapist will carry out a consultation to determine what treatment is best suited to an individual client and create a blend of oils for that person.

 A skin allergy test will be given before the massage treatment using the oils begins.

 After the consultation, the therapist will instruct you how to lie on the table — face up or face down, and underneath a large towel — and then leaves the room while you undress down to your underwear. She will knock and ask if you are ready before entering.

 Benefits of Aromatherapy

 Aromatherapy is excellent for promoting relaxation and stress relief. Clients report feeling more centred, calmer and with an increased sense of well-being after a treatment.  Aromatherapy has been traditionally used to boost the immune, respiratory and circulatory systems. It can also improve skin tone.

The price of a treatment is £40.


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